Friday, May 20, 2011


I apologize for the wait on Heather but my laptop is having some serious problems.
Lighting is a challenge right now because my game for some reason has gone really dark making it really difficult to take decent pictures.
Again I apologize but I hope you will bare with me for little while until I can get this figured out.
Thanks, Sky~

Friday, May 6, 2011

Work in Progress

Hello everyone!
Just letting everyone know that I started on my first Sim, & she is almost done!
Here's a little sneak peak. ;) 
I still haven't decided weather I will share her yet.
I am still working on her other outfits & photos. She will be up by Monday.
Enjoy, Sky~

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sky High

Ayeee! My name is Sky,
Welcome to my first Sims 3 Creators blog!
Here I will share my Sims, Screenshots, & Stories. I use ALOT of custom content in my creations. My Mod section alone is well above 2,ooo downloads. I will post the links to the CC I use for my work with proper labels. That said please don't steal, exploit, abuse or pass my work off as your own. I don't so I expect you to do the same. Other people have put tons of effort into their creations and deserve credit where credit is due.

Please Follow, Comment & ENJOY!
Happy Simming!
Love, Sky~